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Ayiti, Peyi Soley!

With these high quality, top of the line solar light kits, you can light up the lives of your family back home in Haiti! Last year 97% of Sogexpress clients said that solar light kits sold by Sogexpress are ‘good’ or ‘very good’. Watch a Sogexpress client tell you about how solar lights have changed his life.


Solar energy is reliable!

  • You can use it to recharge appliances in areas where electricity doesn’t work all the time
  • You can use it if you don’t have any electricity at home or at work
  • You can use it during the day and at night
  • Solar lights are truly easy to use
  • Solar light kits sold by Sogexpress come with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY

Solar energy saves money and helps your family and business!

  • With solar energy, you don’t have to buy kerosene, candles or coal to light your home
  • You can charge mobile phones with our high quality, top of the line solar light kit, so you don’t have to spend time, money and energy traveling to charge your phone
  • You can keep your business open longer with brighter, reliable lighting, so you can attract more customers and earn more money
  • Your children will want to study longer with clean, bright solar lights
  • Saving money with solar light kits makes everyone happy ☺

Solar energy helps you stay safe and healthy!

  • With solar lights, you don’t have to worry about fires caused from candles and kerosene lamps
  • Solar lights reduce the likelihood of crime, which makes you feel more secure and safe at night
  • With solar lights, you don’t have to breathe in the black fumes that come from kerosene