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No-Hassle Solar Kit!

Durable and Long-lasting Lights!

Versatile Lamps!

Ekotek Solo X Solar Light and Charging Kit Specifications


Easy-to-Use Solar Light and Charging Kit!

  • Each solar light kit comes with all its required pieces; there is no need to buy or use additional equipment


  • Each solar light kit contains:
    • 1 LED solar light
    • 1 6V/3W solar panel
    • 1 rechargeable Lithium battery
    • 1 adapter for charging cell phone and
    • 1 USB cable with four ports
    • 1 Radio FM – MP3 Speaker


Durable and Long-lasting Light!

  • Each solar light kit comes with a one-year warranty backed by Haiti-based Sogexpress customer service team and the supplier EKOTEK
  • The battery offers over 18 hours of battery life and charging is done in less than 12 hours
  • The new batteries are lithium, a new technology that guarantees a longer life
  • You can easily change the battery (lithium) in case of problems


Versatile Light!

  • Hold lamp in your hand to use as a flashlight
  • Rest light on a table to use as a table lamp
  • Use to light in and out very easily

Charge Your Mobile Phone!

It takes between 8 to 10 hours to fully charge a mobile phone by using an adapter that is included in the kit. Note that the lamp doesn’t recharge smartphone but only phone such as Nokia.