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Payment Process

Buy a Solar Light Kit in Four Easy Steps!

Buy a Solar Light Kit in Four Easy Steps!

STEP 1. Choose the solar light kit you want from the ORDER NOW page

STEP 2. Place the order by filling out the form on the ORDER NOW page:
          a. Enter your contact information
          b. Enter the contact information of the receiver in Haiti (Complete name + Address + Phone number)
          c. Click on “submit order” and you will see your Sogexpress order ID number—This Sogexpress order ID number is very important to complete the payment via Quick Pay at any Western Union location—Record it!

STEP 3. Bring this order ID number with you to any Western Union location in the U.S. within 5 working days of placing the order:
          a. Inform the teller about your Quick Pay order and provide the following mandatory information: Company name: SOGEXPRESS LAMPES SOLAIRES and Account number: Sogexpress order ID number
          b. Pay for the solar light kit

STEP 4. Receive from Western Union agent a receipt that:
          a. Itemizes the payment and
          b. Includes a Money Transfer Control Number, which identifies the transaction for Western Union tracking purposes—keep this receipt.

Watch this video that shows you how to order and pay for a solar light kit!