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No-Hassle Solar Kit!

Durable and Long-lasting Lights!

Versatile Lamps!

Ekotek Inverter Student Solar Light and Charging Kit Specifications

Solar Light Kit for the Whole Family!

  • Once charged, your family can have light, charge a cell phone and listen to the radio at the same time!
  • Solar light kit comes with a one-year warranty backed by Haiti-based Sogexpress customer service team and the supplier,EKOTEK
    • This means that if there is a problem with any part of the solar light kit, all the owner has to do is bring the solar light kit, the receipt and the warranty card to any Sogexpress branch for repair, so the owner has peace of mind

 Charge Your Mobile Phone and Listen to the Radio!

  • It only takes 2 hours to fully charge a mobile phone by using an adapter that comes with the kit
  • The kit comes with a FM radio, a remote control for the radio and a USB port

Easy-to-Use Solar Light and Charging Kit!

  • Each solar light kit comes with all its required pieces; there is no need to buy or use additional equipment
  • Each solar light kit contains:
    • 2 LED solar lights
    • 1 18v/5w solar panel
    • 1 rechargeable battery
    • 1 adapter for charging cell phone and a radio
    • 1 USB cable with four ports.
    • 1 remote control for directing the radio
  • The battery should last 5 years and the LED solar lights even longer
  • The battery and LED solar lights are protected from overheating and over charging

Versatile Lights!

  • Once charged, lights can be used in more than one room in your home and can even be used outside your home
  • Hang each light in separate rooms in your home to light up your home


Number of Hours of Charge and Light

Brightness level
 Hours needed to recharge
Maximum hours of light before recharge is need
High 20-24 15