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Delivery Process

Buy a solar light kit in four easy steps!

Four Easy Steps to Pick up a Solar Lights Kit!

STEP 1. Within 24 hours, Western Union will notify Sogexpress that you bought a solar light kit for your family in Haiti

STEP 2. Sogexpress staff will call the receiver in Haiti to schedule a pick up of the solar light kit at a Sogexpress branch convenient for the receiver
a. If the receiver lives in Port-au-Prince, the solar light kit will be available 72 hours after you make the Western Union payment
b. If the receiver lives in the provinces, the solar light kit will be available 5 days after you make the payment at Western Union

STEP 3. The receiver will need to present (1) identification and (2) name of payer

STEP 4. Sogexpress staff will give the receiver the (1) solar light kit, (2) receipt and (3) warranty card

Bon bagay! Now call your family in Haiti to tell them how you have now brought light and smiles into their lives!

Watch this video that shows you how Sogexpress will deliver a solar light kit to your family in Haiti!